Friday, February 23, 2007

friday wahoo :)

Photo courtesy of troeth

Thursday, February 22, 2007

my new toy !

After months of serious consideration and late night reading, I have zeroed in on this sweet baby. I'm excited as a kid in a playground today! One other thing to put on my gratitude list :)

Happy almost Friday everyone.

photo courtesy of poohbah.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

to cherish the connection

Someone very wise once said that "a marriage is two people connected by a thin thread." A thread that can be either loose, or stretched as two opposing forces wonder in different directions... A thread, that should never be allowed to rip, and must always keep intact for the marriage to survive. Sometimes it will be loose, but other times, probably as tight as hell.

Hoping all threads out there to relax a bit today as we celebrate our love for one another, and remember the reasons why we were honored this unique bond in the first place.

My reason is right here, right now, and I would never be the same person had I not been granted this honor to be connected to him. I love you bebek, I always have, I always will. You are my guide and my guardian, and I am wildly happy that we share what we share today.

Happy 12th Valentine.

PS. photo courtesy of Camila Bibas on Flickr.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

thou shalt have what thou shalt want

I swear, Victoria of sfgirlbybay reads my mind sometimes... I have been thinking about credenzas for a while now, trying to picture what kind would fit in my apartment, and here she is today with her lovely post. And as always, she's done her research and they all look fantastic!

So I decided to take a twist from it, and identify all things I want for my apartment. Some realistic and some, well, not so much...

Here goes ~~~~~

  • Obviously, a credenza (and this below is my fave):

  • A dresser for the bathroom... Possibly vintage wooden (and this below of Victoria's is the coolest), BUT likely an IKEA Malm in white:

  • The adorable West Elm white desk, to be used as a vanity in the bedroom (bedroom crisis post yet to come):

have to get back to work, to be continued...

**photos courtesy of bird in the hand, sfgirlbybay, and westelm respectively...

Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm a new person

Seriously, I advise anyone who feels they're ready to take on the next adventure to watch this movie/documentary. Is it a groundbreaking discovery? No. Can it turn your life around? Yes, absolutely. If that's what you wish for yourself.

The secret to "the secret" is simply positive thinking and applying the laws of attraction. How many times have we heard phrases such as "if you want something really bad, it'll come true". Well, most of us will nod at this point and say, "yes." What this movie does is to restate all these things we've heard, but is packaged so well and flows so nicely that you feel drawn to it and just listen. Attracted, I would say. It is a combination of metaphysics, religion, and energy flow. Nothing we haven't learned, but maybe now is the time to start to listen.

So go ahead, download it, or purchase it from Amazon like I did, and keep it in your library. Start changing the way you think, and see how it all unfolds before your eyes.

Me, I'm going to make list this afternoon. Of things I'm grateful for. That's where I'll start.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

so what is the secret?

I can hardly wait! I just ordered the movie from Amazon (which I didn't need to as they also show it online at the website) and am now in waiting mood.

I haven't been this excited in a long time, and it is so funny how this movie has found its way into my life, and the people it's bringing me in contact with... I am in a "watch and see" mood, but in high spirits indeed, as I feel this is truly the right time in my life that I need to unveil the secret to life...

Has anyone seen it yet?