Sunday, August 13, 2006

what makes a home, a home?

The sweetest picture I've come along in some time... Totally made me want to write about my home.

I don't tend to dwell in this much here, but I'm actually a sucker for design and the health of my home. My home, which currently translates into a 700 sq feet one-bedroom in the best location in Brooklyn heights, is a major part of my life and my thoughts these days. It is the first place since I've moved to NYC that I can finally call home (though I've been in many others..). Eventually, it's balanced, invigorating, pleasing to the eye and provides comfort - at last.

So what makes a home really a home? Is it the furniture you put in? Is it the people you share it with? Is it the color of the walls? Is it the meals you cook there? Does it become more of a home the longer you stay there? Maybe...

For me it's finally a home when you have details collected from places, flea markets, from overseas, from older generations that finally come together and tell you memories. Memories you've made for yourself in your sacred place and will be with you forever. That's your home.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


babanelerin en guzeli, originally uploaded by Selos.

Today's the day I honor my grandmother for being what she's been all along... My grandmother. We miss you.

Thanks to my sister for scanning and sharing:)