Wednesday, September 20, 2006

being there

Tuval, Alacati, originally uploaded by Asliee.

The nicest thing about my life as it stands is that I basically get to have 2 lives.
In Life 1, I'm a frantic New Yorker, who runs about her daily corporate life, running to the train, running to meetings, mainly running for all the wrong reasons. My soul gets pretty much no rest, as do my legs and my brain. The thing I so love about this life is that I get to spend it with my husband, and being just the two of us in a far away place has helped us form this incredible bond. I like that.

I like that I'm so in love with my apartment, probably a little on the crazy side in terms of organizing and reorganizing (a Virgo), decorating and redecorating, assigning and reassigning furniture, kitchen tools, whatever else you can think of. It gives me peace. Another thing is my neighborhood in Brooklyn Heights. I feel like I have been destined to live here for a piece of my life, within the so-well maintained pieces of history that speak to me, and somewhere down there I know this is the place I'll find myself, (and hopefully before I turn 30)

The thing about being there is so different. It's quaint. It's sunshine and breeze. It's familiar and soft. It's the smell of the Bosphorus that the Hudson so lacks. It's the hospitality of my people. It's where vegetables smell and taste far better. It's my home.
It's where I grew up, where I'm proud to be from, the city I can talk about for hours. The only place I've lived for 25 years of my life. That's Life 2.
Having the option to go back and forth, to smell, embrace, experience, love and dislike both these worlds is what makes my life so precious and meaningful. I am grateful, this day, for all my life has offered me, and curious to see where other charters will take me. For all the tears and wears, today, I am me.