Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Callalillie got me thinking... And inspired me to get back to my neglected blog...
If you had a chance to visit anytime in history and anywhere, where and when would that be?

blue mosque, originally uploaded by Nachosan.

Me, I have a BIG list:
  • Around the turn of the century in Brownstone Brooklyn - so I could see how these marvelous, century bearing buildings have come into existence and how once they all used to be grand, one family buildings. ( I also wouldn't mind the fancy dresses with hats of the time:))
  • Around 1923-1924, in Istanbul, Turkey. To experience first hand the arrival of the well-deserved Republic Regime in Turkey, and again, for the (then newly introduced) fancy outfits reflective of care and well respect.
  • November 1938 - at Ataturk's funeral, to say a proper goodbye and a silent thank you for all the determinism he deployed in making a whole nation become what it is today.
  • Around late 50's in my mother's household, so I could get to meet her cheerful mother before she got sick, to understand the underlying urge my mother felt to paint when she was only a little girl. Also in the same household, meet my writer/poet grandfather in person and chat with him for a little while, and to tell him that he's my idol in my adult life.
  • Around the same time in the 50's, visit my other grandparents in their big house that I sooo LOVED as a child, to get a glimpse of the misery they have married into, having been pushed into a marriage while being in love with other people, and try to grasp what kind of an effect this may have had on who my father is today...
  • Finally, April 21st, 1977 - Ankara. To have a peak at the birth of one particular little baby boy who will grow into being my dear, caring, compassionate husband -- so that we can connect from the start and I don't spend my awkard teenage phase fearing I will never find him.

Who knows, maybe I've already been to all at one point in my life, and just want to reminisce... If you had the chance, where would you be?