Wednesday, February 14, 2007

to cherish the connection

Someone very wise once said that "a marriage is two people connected by a thin thread." A thread that can be either loose, or stretched as two opposing forces wonder in different directions... A thread, that should never be allowed to rip, and must always keep intact for the marriage to survive. Sometimes it will be loose, but other times, probably as tight as hell.

Hoping all threads out there to relax a bit today as we celebrate our love for one another, and remember the reasons why we were honored this unique bond in the first place.

My reason is right here, right now, and I would never be the same person had I not been granted this honor to be connected to him. I love you bebek, I always have, I always will. You are my guide and my guardian, and I am wildly happy that we share what we share today.

Happy 12th Valentine.

PS. photo courtesy of Camila Bibas on Flickr.

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