Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm a new person

Seriously, I advise anyone who feels they're ready to take on the next adventure to watch this movie/documentary. Is it a groundbreaking discovery? No. Can it turn your life around? Yes, absolutely. If that's what you wish for yourself.

The secret to "the secret" is simply positive thinking and applying the laws of attraction. How many times have we heard phrases such as "if you want something really bad, it'll come true". Well, most of us will nod at this point and say, "yes." What this movie does is to restate all these things we've heard, but is packaged so well and flows so nicely that you feel drawn to it and just listen. Attracted, I would say. It is a combination of metaphysics, religion, and energy flow. Nothing we haven't learned, but maybe now is the time to start to listen.

So go ahead, download it, or purchase it from Amazon like I did, and keep it in your library. Start changing the way you think, and see how it all unfolds before your eyes.

Me, I'm going to make list this afternoon. Of things I'm grateful for. That's where I'll start.


ekin said...

ne kadar şanslıyız ki hayatımızın her evresinde neye ihtiyacımız varsa karşımıza çıkıyor.
beraber büyümemizi ve gelişmemizi izlemek de ayrıca çok heyecan verici
herşey daha güzel olacak çünkü biz bütün güzelliklerin mimarıyız
seni çooook seviyorum

Asli said...


Ne guzel soylemissin oyle... Mimarlar biziz, evet.

My Marrakech said...

This all sounds amazing. I keep a gratitude journal but I am not good about doing it systematically. But you've got me thinking I should!