Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A little piece of history

Study Hall, originally uploaded by Asliee.

Time and time again, I find myself liking things, things that I have left in my past and oh-so-gladly done so.

I spent 7 years at a highschool known to all as one of the best in Istanbul, had a blast of a time making the friends of my life, grew up together with a classroom full of 80 girls, from age 11 to a flourishing 18. Nonetheless, the day I graduated, was the last time I stepped foot on its premises, in a way wanting to erase a substantial piece of my life.

Now looking back, and finding pictures of a vast history behind this institution, I remember things in bits and pieces, emotions of joy and happiness, the comfort of belonging and of friendship, ecstasy of music and art, quaintness of lush gardens and historic buildings.

Things I've hated so, I'm beginning to feel a longing for.

Why on earth does this happen, and why on earth now?

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