Friday, April 14, 2006


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Every time I take the train back from work, I am startled by the expression-less and saddened faces of anonymous, tired people. There's always the same gazed-out look in their eyes, while the all too familiar "fed up with life" aura surrounds the subway cars.

I've always felt for these people on the train. I try and send them good thoughts to ease whatever it may be that they're dealing with - it's a game I play when I'm on my own - especially when I stand up in front of them, waiting anxiously for a seat to free up, and can't help but stare directly at their faces. I feel totally invisible until someone catches my eye: My own reflection in the glass.

I look old, I look tired, and I look sad. I have bags under my eyes and obvious wrinkles. The image gets distorted as the car moves faster, squeaking, screeching loudly, crying for help.

It feels like I haven't really seen myself in a long long time.

Now is the time to send myself some good thoughts. I have the power to put a smile on my own face. It's time I realize this and act on it.

Thank God spring is finally here to give me a nudge.

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decor8 said...

This is totally touching. I've often thought these things on the train to. I worked in downtown Boston in the corporate world for years and recently jumped out.. One reason, I was fed up with seeing all the misery to and from work everyday. Bad moods, sad tired eyes, swollen faces... You'd think we were in a third world country sometimes seeing how miserable people make their lives over here - all for what - money and the big suburban dream?