Thursday, March 16, 2006

work here and work there

One of the greatest things I love about my job is that I get to work from home from time to time. It's the best way to recuperate from the everyday hassle of commuting to Midtown Manhattan, taking the elevator up to my floor, and just feeling totally exhausted even before my phone starts ringing.

The whole notion of "getting to work" here is very different than it is in Istanbul. Firstly, people get up EARLY, take public transportion to work, and there is significant walking in between each stop. It's like working out even before you open your mouth to say "good morning". [And most people actually do work out before the whole 'commuting' starts -- I just can't bring myself upto the thought]

In Istanbul, everyone has a car, the fancier the better, and we drive to work no matter how much traffic there is, or how far of a ride it may be. It just isn't in the culture to try and do any walking, so parking in the nearest vicinity becomes crucial. We will circle around many times to find a parking spot in this most crowded city, since we dread so much the act of walking (and in heels, mind you)

Plus, we never get the option to work from home, since the cultural web around work is simply more important than the actual work you do. The morning coffee session, the smoking breaks, the 2+ hour lunch meetings and simply being around people's faces is an aura that surrounds most Eastern European and/or Middle Eastern workplaces, I presume.

Life in the new world is different. People have satellite offices, they "channel" in, location is not crucial, and you're evaluated on the output you produce: you can stay home, hop on conference calls, work on your own time and in your own little place and still be the golden employee of the year. This freedom and flexibility is frowned upon in my native world, but such I've come to love and enjoy since I've been here.

Today is a day I choose to work from home, and get to enjoy my self-made lunch - something obviously other than sushi or tossed salad on the go.

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decor8 said...

Another great thought-provoking post. I'm really happy I came over to your blog, you are an interesting woman!

Holly :)

(btw - I dream of going to turkey someday - many of my friends in germany are turkish, from istanbul, and tell me many tales...)