Wednesday, March 01, 2006

east meets west

I try to remember the first day I set foot in New York 3+ years ago, and to my own surprise, that particular image of myself, is quickly fading away... It feels like a wound that has finally healed, and you can't really see the scar anymore. You know, like your skin has lost the unsightly "bump".

I've always been an exploratory person - in my head - but I've simply been too lazy and unwilling to act on any adventurous thought. Well... I received my calling one day - in the form of then boyfriend, now husband - and my life quickly changed in a way I hadn't imagined, or better put: imagined many times, but never aspired to realize.

The time in between has simply been an adventure; many painful moments, fights, struggles, and - quite often - tears evolving into sobs, but one I feel has helped open up my spirit to so many new things. I have learned to enjoy my past, my traditions, embrace them in a new way while adapting to the city I live in, and learn to be boundariless - by all possible means.

This is my first attempt to snapshot my life as it evolves, or simply, catch it while I can. I hope to share it with anyone out there who's interested to read, or share a common path in life.

Let's start talking. I have much to tell. Welcome.

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ekin said...

ben seni,yerim baldan şekerden tatlımısın nesin sen yaaa
bayıldım çok orijinal çok etkileyici seni kutluyorum hep böyle girişimci ol...
daha da büyük büyük büyük olasın...